Does A Better Feel only travel to clients?

Yes at the moment unless you're in the Lansng area then we can arrange for an in-studio session.

Is there a Travel Fee?

Pending distance. Refer to Travel fee map below.

Travel Fee Rates (Lansing as the base):

No Fee: up to 30 mi, $10: 31-60 mi; $15: 61-90; $20: 91+

A Better Feel services these areas:

Greater Lansing, Metro Detroit, Southwest Michigan, Northern Mid Michigan

What is provided during my session?

Table or chair (pending session type, sheets (draping), oils/ balms (please let therapist know of possible allergen prior to session), music/ bluetooth speaker (preference can be based on clients liking, candles (per request)

Can I book a session for multiple people, i.e. party, work event, market, etc.?

Yes, you can. Rates are based on group size and length of individualized sessions. The bigger the group, the better the rate.

Where can I have my session at?

Your home, hotel/motel, park (markets, triathlons), on an island if there is availabiliy lol. Honestly, there's no bounds to where I'll go to provide the best service you have been looking for!

How many therapists are available?

At the moment just one, however, we are always on the look out for GREAT talent to help take A Better Feel to the next level? Could that be YOU?

What happens if I choose to CANCEL my session?

Cancellation Policy: No Fee if Rescheduled within 48 hours of Original Booked Session.

$25 Cancellation if not able to Reschedule within 48 hours of Booked Session

50% of cost for Booked Session due if Session is Cancelled Day Of (No Intent to Reschedule)