Ricky P., CMT

My Goal is to help YOU Feel Better after our session!

"A Better Feel" was created for any person looking to receive a personalized massage session in a place of their comfort. Whether it be your backyard, hotel, or home--there's no place A Better Feel can't be for YOU! Feel free to REACH OUT and see what separates us from other massage experiences! 

Where ABF Started...

I was introduced to massage therapy by receiving an offer while showing some extra love to some guests while being a server at the Kellogg Center. Upon hooking them up with some extra chocolate cake, I was presented with an opportunity to receive a complimentary massage at the University Club of MSU! I graciously accepted and immediately intrigued by their offer especially since this was my first massage experience EVER! Upon doing this, little did I know what would lie in my future after connecting with the therapist and following their advice of checking out Lansing Community  College's Therapeutic Massage program!

Upon finishing at LCC's Therapeutic Massage program, I was able to secure an opportunity with the franchise Massage Green Spa based in Lansing, Mi. This was in 2016 and during that yearly experience, I was able to see to a variety of clients with various issues. Most of the clients were walk-ins with a splash of regulars that already had preferred therapists. This environment was more of a "get in where you fit in" situation and honestly, I felt I would shine more at a place that was less saturated.

Once 2017 rolled around, I was fortunate to have a college friend from MSU introduce me to her mom who owned and operated a massage spa-- GIna's Healing Hands Spa (Sturgis, Mi). However, this opportunity would come with a journey attached-- 170+ miles roundtrip 1-2 days a week. From this experience, I gained many benefits: nuances of operating a massage service (pricing, marketing, logistics, financials), travel durability (ability to endure travel various distances for sessions), learning new modalities Shiatsu, foot massage) and of course meeting/ helping people from ALL walks of life.

After a couple years with Gina, I felt confident enough to start out on my own and brought into fruition what you all see today with visions to expand in the future!

Meet Bessie, she's been with me since the beginning.


[August 2005] - [May 2010]

Michigan State University - Hospitality Business, B.A.

[August 2015]  - [August 2016]

Lansing Community College - Therapeutic Massage

CPR/ AED/ BLS Certified Exp. 2025